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Fairpoint webmail offers the best email services under the ownership of Consolidated Communications. It is obvious to create a new account and access it to enjoy its flexible and safe email services. That is why we have brought a complete guide that compiles everything you should know regarding the Fairpoint webmail login. Besides, you will also learn to reset the password and troubleshoot login problems. 

Fairpoint Account Creation Procedure

Creating a new email account on Fairpoint becomes easier when you follow the below-mentioned steps. Before applying the steps, make sure you are already a user of Fairpoint internet services.  

  • Head to the ‘https://www.MyCCIAccount.com’ and navigate towards the ‘New User’.
  • Click on the ‘Register Now’ button and arrive on the ‘Fairpoint email account creation page’. Here are three phases you must complete to finish creating an account. 
    • Phase 1: Account Information.
      • To register a new email account, enter the following information: 
        • Billing Account Number (BAN) – Check the ‘Confirmation message’ received on your registered phone number or email address when you subscribed for the Fairpoint services. First and Last Name
        • Customer PIN – Find the 4-digit PIN Code you used to authenticate your account. City, Country.
        • ZIP code of five digits.
        • Phone Number.
    • Phase 2: Create a Username, Password, and Security Question.
  • In the next window, create the following credentials to access the Fairpoint webmail login:
    1. Username
    2. Email Address
    3. Password
  • In the following tab, select a unique ‘Security Question’. 
  • Enter the ‘Answer’  to the question. 

Make sure you remember your details, these details will be used while recovering your Fairpoint email account. 

  • Phase 3: Terms of Service. 
  • Here, you will find the ‘Terms of Service for the Fairpoint email account’, read the privacy policy thoroughly. 
  • Click on the ‘Yes, I Agree’ and ‘Finish’ to complete the process of account creation. 

You will be directed to the webmail.fairpoint.net login, here provide the new login credentials, and open your email account. You will shortly receive a confirmation email message from MyCCI. 

Fairpoint Webmail Login: Easy Steps 

To access all your emails, contacts, and online data files, follow the enlisted instructions and log into your Fairpoint email account. 

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  • Visit the ‘www.fairpoint.net webmail login’ page and locate the ‘Webmail Log In’ section. 
  • Provide the following login credentials:
    1. Email ID
    2. Password
  • Tick on the box that reads, ‘Remember Me’ for easy Fairpoint webmail login in the future.
  • Click on the ‘Log In’ button in the lower-right corner. 

Once you have provided the correct login details on the correct portal, you will be easily logged in. If ‘Fairpoint webmail login failed’ due to the wrong password, reset it with the next guide. 

Reset Fairpoint Webmail Password: Easy Steps

If you have lost the password for your Fairpoint account, then here is how you can simply retrieve your password. Follow the instructions mentioned below and recover your account. 

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  • Head to the ‘webmail.fairpoint.net login’ page and provide your ‘Username or ‘Email Address’. 
  • Click on the ‘Forgot your password?’ link under the ‘Login’ button.
  • You will be driven to a new page, here fill in the ‘Empty’ fields with the required information such as:

Fairpoint Username


Fairpoint Email Address

  • Enter the characters shown in the ‘Captcha’ to confirm you are not a robot and click on the ‘Next’ button.
  • Here, you will be given two ways to reset your Fairpoint webmail login password, choose one from the following ways: 
    1. Reset your Password via the ‘Alternative Address’.
    2. Reset your Password via the ‘Security Question’.

If you choose the ‘Reset your Password via the ‘Alternative Address’,

  • Confirm your ‘Recover Email Address’ from the next option. 
  • Check the ‘Recovery Email Account’ and open the email received from the Fairpoint email services.
  • Read the instructions for the ‘Password Recovery’ and click on the link given below. You will be driven to a new page, here enter the ‘New Password’ two times and click on the ‘Reset Password’ to apply the changes.

If you choose the ‘Reset your Password via the ‘Security Question’,

  • In the next window, under the ‘Security Question’, select the question you set for the recovery process at the time of registration. 
  • Provide the correct ‘Answer’ to the question and click on the ‘Submit’ button.
  • On the ‘Reset Password page, enter a ‘New Password’ for the ‘Fairpoint webmail login process. 
  • Re-enter the ‘New Password’ again to confirm your choice. 
  • Hit on the ‘Reset my Fairpoint webmail login password’ and the changes will be applied. 

Once you follow the aforementioned steps thoroughly, your forgotten password will be reset successfully. Now, log into your Fairpoint webmail account with your new password. 

Still Cannot Access The Fairpoint Webmail Login? Fix it!

Cannot log in even after entering the right login credentials on the correct webmail.fairpoint.net login page? Don’t worry! Rather than creating a new account, you must go through the two easiest ways to troubleshoot any Fairpoint login issues mentioned below.

Method 1:

Delete Save Password From the Browser 

At times, we save the ‘Email Password’ for an easy login process and forget to update the password after changing it, we forget to update it. In such cases, the portal automatically fetches the old saved password and the login process gets failed. Follow the instructions and delete the save password that is creating trouble in logging in to your account. 

  • Go to the browser and open the ‘Tools’ menu from the corner. 
  • Choose the ‘Internet Options’ tab and hit on the ‘Content’ tab. 
  • Click on the ‘Settings’ from the expanded options of ‘AutoComplete’ 
  • Drop down the ‘Manage Passwords’ tab and choose the ‘Web Credentials Manager’.
  • Here, click on the ‘Remove the password’ and confirm your choice by pressing on the ‘Remove’ option. 

After removing the old saved password, you will be allowed to enter the correct and recent password for the Fairpoint webmail login. 

Method 2:

Disable Add-Ons 

Many times, the unsafe browser extensions or Add-ons prevent the users from logging into their accounts. If this is the reason why you cannot sign in, disable the browser extensions for a temporary period, and perform the login steps successfully. Here are the steps that will help you in disabling the Add-ons on Chrome.

  • Navigate towards the upper-right corner and click on the ‘Menu’.
  • Scroll down the options and choose ‘More tools’.
  • Click on the ‘Extensions’ and open the ‘Extensions’ tab again.
  • Click on the ‘Trash Bin’ icon or check the ‘Disable’ box next to the browser extensions.
  • Confirm your choice by hitting the ‘Disable’ button and close the window.

After you disable the unsafe Add-ons, you will be easily driven to the Fairpoint webmail login page and access your account.

We hope the entire blog helped you in creating a new email account on Fairpoint and how to access it. Eventually, you must have also learned how to fix the login issues and access the Fairpoint webmail login hassle-free. Don’t shy away to contact our experts if you are seeking any kind of professional guidance.