AOL Mail Not Working on iPhone

Is AOL mail not working on iPhone? Don’t worry! These iPhone email issues are common and easy to deal with. However, without any guidance, one can take a bit longer than usual to fix these errors. That is why we have got you this guide for you to fix AOL mail issues with 7 different methods.

So let’s fix it up. But first understand the reasons that trigger this issue. 

Key Reasons Why Is Your AOL Mail Not Working On iPhone 

  • Incorrect AOL Sign in details.
  • Your AOL account has been hacked due to a weak password.
  • The AOL mail server is down and the AOL email account cannot be accessed on any device.
  • If you are trying to log into your AOL account via an internet browser and the login process fails, there could be the following issues with the browser:
    1. The Antivirus program in your iPhone device is creating conflict with the browser.
    2. Your browser is filled with unnecessary cookies and caches.
    3. If You are using an outdated internet browser that does not support AOL main login page anymore.
  • You have lost your AOL mail login password.
  • You are using a wrong login page or third-party page.
  • The AOL mail settings are wrongly configured.

Tips to Fix If Your AOL Mail Not Working On iPhone 

At times, even the bigger problems get fixed in the easiest ways. That is why we have brought you some quick troubleshooting tips to deal with this common issue. 

Fix Weak Internet Connection

If your AOL mail is not working on iPhone 6 or other versions, then the problem could be with your internet connection. So, fix the internet connection first in your iPhone or simply switch to a better one. If there is any problem with Wireless Modem or Router, replace them with new ones.

Reboot your iPhone device

Rebooting your iPhone device will clear all the Cache files, Obsolete files, Packages, Residuals, Memory, and other junked files that can trigger AOL email related issues on iPhone. Once the iPhone restarts, go to your Mail app or web browser again and access your account conveniently.

Reset Your Server Settings

To access your AOL account successfully and receive/ send emails, you must configure the right server settings into your iPhone device. Read below about the correct AOL IMAP/ POP and SMTP mail server settings and change the wrong settings:

AOL Incoming Mail Server Settings for POP Account:
Server Port Number995 or 110 as default
SSL Encrypted ConnectionCheck the box next to it
UsernameAOL email address
AOL Incoming Mail Server Settings for IMAP Account:
Server Port Number993 as default
SSL Encrypted ConnectionCheck the box next to it
UsernameAOL email address
AOL Incoming Mail Server Settings for IMAP or POP Account:
Server Port Number587, 465 or 587 as default
SSL Encrypted ConnectionUncheck the box next to it or click on the ‘False’
UsernameAOL email address

Once you configure the correct email setting for your AOL account on iPhone from the scratch, you will not face AOL issues on iPhone.

AOL Mail Not Working On iPhone: Instant Fixes

If you could fix the issue with the help of the troubleshooting tips, you need advanced yet instant fixes. Go through this section and learn four best-ever ways to deal with AOL not working on iPhone issues.

Update the Internet Browser

An outdated browser makes the AOL mail login procedure very difficult for any user. To get rid of AOL mail not working on iPhone issues, follow the steps mentioned below:

Note: Follow as per your internet browser.

Google Chrome 
  • Open Google Chrome on your iPhone and 
  • Open a New Page and locate the ‘Three Dots’ at the top-right side of the page.
  • Tap on the ‘More’ option.
  • From the More options, select the ‘Update Google Chrome’.
  • You will see the available updates, click on the most recent one.

Note: If there is no such option, it means you are already using the most recent version of the Google Chrome browser.

  • Select the ‘Relaunch’ option and complete the process to deal with AOL email not working on iPhone.
  • Start the iPhone and go to the ‘App Store’. 
  • Navigate towards the upper-left corner of the screen and click on the ‘Apple menu’ option.
  • From the available options, click on the ‘Updates’ tab. 
  • Locate ‘Safari update’ and click on it.
  • Let the App Store update the Safari application in the background.
Mozilla Firefox 
  • Open the Mozilla Firefox on your iPhone device and navigate towards the ‘Menu’ button.
  • Drop down the options and click on the ‘Help’.
  • Further click on the ‘About Firefox’ from the Firefox menu options. 
  • Under the ‘About Mozilla’ box, you will see your device is searching for ‘Mozilla Firefox updates’.
  • Once the search is completed, the browser will automatically be updated.
  • Restart the Mozilla Firefox once the update is complete.
Microsoft Edge 
  • Click on the Main menu option of the ‘Microsoft Edge’ program on your iPhone.
  • Now, click on the ‘Help and Feedback’ tab to drop down the options.
  • Now locate ‘About Microsoft Edge’ and let the device start looking for recent updates.
  • Confirm the choice to update your browser and wait until it’s completed.

Once you have completed updating your respective browser, try to access your mail account again and confirm that AOL mail not working on iPhone 6 is fixed.

Uninstall the Malware programs

Follow the enlisted steps to remove the potential threats from your iPhone and fix all the AOL mail not working on iPhone 5 issues.

Note: Looking for solutions for AOL mail not working on iPhone 7? This troubleshooting method applies to all the versions of iPhone devices.

  • Start the iPhone and open the Antivirus application you have installed.
  • Locate the ‘Scan’ button and click on it.
  • The iPhone will start looking at viruses and malware items such as applications and files on your phone.
  • When the scanning process is completed, check the list of the malware items and delete it one by one.
  • Exit from the antivirus applications and run the iPhone device in Safe Mode.

If still, something is coming in the way, identify the malware apps or files and uninstall them.

Once your iPhone is free of virus and malware items, you can conveniently log into your AOL mail account without facing any issues.

Disable Safari Browser Extensions on iPhone

Browser extensions add several features to the internet browser and modify the user interface. However, at times, malicious add-ons can cost you your privacy and security and block you from accessing several websites. Follow the below-mentioned steps and disable the unwanted add-ons.

  • Start the iPhone device and open the Safari Browser.
  • Navigate towards the ‘Safari Preferences’ and drop down its options.
  • Select the option of ‘Safari Extensions’.
  • You will see all the enabled Safari extensions in the list. Choose the Add-ons you want to remove by its name.
  • Click on the ‘Disable’ and remove the unwanted Safari browser extensions.

After applying the aforementioned steps, the AOL mail not working on iPhone issue will surely get fixed.

Clean Cookies and Cache 

Unclean cache and cookies in your Safari browser can lead to several issues such as AOL mail not working on iPhone 7 and other versions as well. Thus, to get rid of such issues, follow the enlisted instructions and cleared Cookies and Caches.

  • Open Safari and go to the ‘Settings’.
  • Click on the ‘Clear History and Website data’ from the given options.

Note: Remember that the Autofill information will not change after clearing the history and website data.

  • if you want to clear only the cookies and caches, click on the Safari tab from the settings options.
  • Select the Advanced option and head to the ‘Website data’ to remove all of them.
  • Confirm your choice by clicking on the Remove All Website Data and get rid of AOL not working on iPhone issues.

After going through and implementing the troubleshooting tips and instant fixes on how to deal with AOL mail not working on iPhone issues, your problems must have been solved. If you have doubts regarding this content or anything about your AOL account such as how to access AOL mail login, contact our representatives.

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